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About Nolu Energy

Nolu Energy strive to be the most trusted and reliable bunker trader in the market. Our core business is to deliver bunker fuel world wide, by creating value adding experiences to our clients and make a difference as a partner.

Nolu Energy provides an extensive range of products and services ranging from bunkers, debunkering and stores.

With more than 20 years of experience in the bunker industry, we understand the importance of being a trustworty and reliable partner.

Our Services


Nolu Energy can provide Marine Fuel, Marine Gas Oil and all brands of Marine lubricants on world wide basis.


Nolu Energy can provide value-added services such as de-bunkering, ship chandelling services, surveyor and nominating ship agency.

Why Nolu Energy?

Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions

Nolu Energy provides reliable and cost-effective solutions for your bunker fuel needs. We have a wide network of suppliers and partners that offer a variety of bunker fuel products at competitive rates.

Prompt and Efficient Service

Nolu Energy understands the importance of time for our customers. We take pride in providing efficient and prompt service, ensuring that your vessel is fueled and ready to depart quickly.

Personalized Service and Support

Nolu Energy is committed to providing personalized service and support, developing customized solutions to meet specific needs for all customers, whether small fishing boats or large commercial fleets.

Safety and Environmental Responsibility

Nolu Energy prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility in all operations, following strict industry standards and regulations to ensure safe and responsible product delivery.

Diverse Range of Services

Nolu Energy offers a diverse range of services globally, including bunker supply, marine lubricant supply, vessel services such as de-bunkering and ship chandelling, surveyor services, and ship agency nomination.

Extensive Network

With an extensive network of suppliers and partners, Nolu Energy offers global vessel services, providing resources and expertise to handle even the most complex bunker fuel needs.

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